Season 1, Session 2: “In The Dig” with Mark Frost


Mark Frost is without a doubt a thought leader regarding utility damage prevention in our nation. As Executive Director of the Illinois One-Call Center (JULIE) he has de facto responsibility for the states damage prevention program.

JULIE stands for Joint Utility Locate Information for Excavators. Mark explains the marketing plan that went into trying to attract a predominately male audience of excavators to call “JULIE” when the center first began offering their service in 1974.


DigBy got some free advice for excavators about what to do if you get a Notice of Probable Violation (NOPV) in any state. Mark outlined the appeal process in Illinois for those working in the Land of Lincoln.

Mark shared his thoughts on the effects the enforcement program in Illinois has had on non compliant stakeholder (excavators or facility owners) behavior.

DigBy challenges the idea that the excavator is always the problem and Marks responds accordingly.

Technological advancements have had a huge effect on the entire industry in recent years. Mark describes how it has affected the program in Illinois and JULIE.  Conversely, he discussed the setbacks common to JULIE’s efforts in damage prevention.

JULIE is celebrating 40 years of service to her members and the excavators in Illinois.

Actionable Items For Excavators:

  1. There are two things excavators can do that will improve their productive performance. Familiarize yourself with the law in the states you operate
  2. Do the second thing

Contact JULIE:

JULIE’s website is loaded with helpful resources and tutorials that can be used to help your business work safe and protect the line down under.

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