Season 1, Session 3: “In The Dig” with Cliff Meidl


DigBy and Joe Welcome Cliff Meidl,
In The Dig“!

Cliff Meidl was a 19 year old college student working hard in the construction industry to earn his tuition. He hoped to start his own plumbing business someday.

That dream was derailed by 10 years of surgery, recovery and physical therapy after the horrible excavation accident that changed his life forever.


Cliff’s traumatic accident, Changed the trajectory of his life. Cliff Jack hammered into three power cables and was severely burned as a result of an unmarked buried utility line.

The accident robbed Cliff of his then, goal of owning and operating his own excavation damage because he could no longer perform physical labor.

In the blink of an eye, Cliff’s  entire family was faced with the weight of helping Cliff overcame a life threatening adversity.

The emotional strain on both Cliff’s family and friends affected many of his close personal relationships with those closest to him.

In true championship style, Cliff was able to overcame his adversity and built that experience into a successful speaking career.

Today Cliff educates thousands of people each year about the importance of

Call 811 Before You Dig !

One simple phone call could save you (or someone you know) from suffering an accident like the one that altered Cliff’s life for ever.

Cliff’s speaks directly to that person who believes that accidents only happen to “the Other Guy” and reminds you of what you and your family has to lose.

Most Important Takeaway:

Cliff shares greatest lesson he learned from this traumatic accident and everything he went through.

“Its all about you.” No one can make you do something unsafe. Ultimately, it is you that makes the choice to work safe or not and you have to look out for yourself .


Cliff shares some details of his olympic experience with all of us “In The Dig” with him and he takes us inside with the USA olympic delegation.

Joe reminds Cliff that in addition to fulfilling his own childhood dream of “competing in a large arena” Cliff is still there… In the arena competing and helping us all win the battle against utility damage, by reminding us all through his story that no matter how big or how small & routine the job your doing appears to be… always Call 811 Before You Dig .

More of Cliff:

If you would like to hear more about Cliff ‘s experiences or have him share the details of his life and how he ultimately prevailed over his potential fate, visit his website Cliff is a compelling motivational speaker available to speak at your event.