Season 1, Session 4: Loretta Rosenmayer of INTREN is “In The Dig” with Matt Turk and DigBy Marks

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In This Session of “In The Dig”, DigBy and Joe Interview Loretta Rosenmayer and Matt Turk of INTREN. Listen as Loretta, founder and CEO of INTREN relates a personal “near death”  damage prevention experience in her company.

Company History:

The company began operations in 1988 as Trench-It and changed it’s name to INTREN, merging “integrity” (one of the core values) with “trench.” INTREN,  in 2009. The company began with 4 employees and now employs over 1000 people; operating in 6 states.

Loretta “stumbled into the utility business” when started her small trenching company. She forged her relationship with ComEd, an Exelon Corporation. Loretta refers to her company as “The company that ComEd built”.

Near Death Experience:

Loretta passionately, describes an event that involved her own Son damaging a gas line. She recalls the fear that gripped her, as she listened to crew members describe the incident  over a two-way radio system, while she stood breathless in the dispatch center.

That incident ignited Loretta to instill the highest level of personal responsibility throughout the entire INTREN organization living up to her company’s core value, “integrity”.

However, personal change was not enough for Loretta, after receiving an award for

reducing utility damage by 60%

in her own company, she challenged local stakeholders to improve operations thereby, driving positive change in damage prevention trends .

DigBy talks about how Locate companies have stakeholders have “upped their games”  and responded to Loretta’s challenge to collectively change industry expectations and attitudes about utility damage, forever.


Another driving force behind INTREN’s success is Matt Turk, Executive Vice President. Matt talks about INTREN’s operations and the commitment to zero tolerance. Matt shares the “Rules To Dig By” developed by him and other contractors with proven steps that keep excavators safe while exposing identified but buried lines without causing damage.

In conjunction with the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Best Practices some techniques used by INTREN during excavation Matt outlines some basic tips INTREN crews use.

  1. Ensure marks are present.
  2. Verify the marks
  3. *Never dig within 24” of a line
  4. Always dig Parallel with the line you are trying to find (Not perpendicular)
  5. Dig down to the approximate depth
  6. Excavate over toward the line
  7. Continue steps 3-7 if necessary until line is found
* Tolerance zones vary from state to state always refer to the State & Local statutes


Matt realized crews face the challenge of balancing production with safety and sometimes feel torn between what is most important. Matt coined the slogan.

Prevention Is Production

and had it printed on every T-Shirt INTREN given to INTREN crews. This kind of top down leadership helps to solidify expectations for all employees and clarify the commitment to safe digging.

Actionable Items:

Matt and Loretta leave us with four (4) actionable items to help excavators work safely.

  • Phone First – Call 811 BEFORE You Dig
  •  Always use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • The shovel is your best friend – Hand dig before you open up your trench
  • Be a good job site detective – Examine the site & understand the marks

Get More INTREN:

To learn more about INTREN, Loretta and Matt, visit the website.

There you’ll see a full suite of services offered, Loretta’s approach to Uncompromising Safety, and stewardship and the business philosophy.

In todays world of blame the other guy, INTREN has changed that game by taking the blame away through personal responsibility and that is why they are “OutPerforming. Everyday”!