National 811 Day Flash Mob Marks “Bright Lines”

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Today is National 811 Day and to raise awareness,  we held an 811 Day Flash Mob to promote safe digging, “In The Dig” and throughout our country!

Each year on August 11th (8-11) damage prevention professionals and utility facility owners take time and go to great effort to recognize the  importance for everyone who’s planning to dig a hole  (for any reason) to first practice safe digging and…

Call 811 BEFORE You Dig

to have the buried utility lines (where you plan to work) located and marked. Both the call and the service is Free and knowing where buried lines are will help keep you safe and prevent damage to buried utility lines.

811 Day Flash Mob:

This year, to raise awareness about  the 811 service, we planned, organized and performed 811 Day Flash Mob in Chicago!  The event was wildly successful with over 50 dancers and organizers performing to a new song “Bright Lines” written by Joe.

Enjoy the video as we set out to replace Blurred Lines with Bright Lines

We began planning this event months ago to be held in Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago. The dance took place in front of the Cloud Gate scuplture (aka The Bean).

There were over 10,000 people (est.) in the park. We shared the 811 message with many of them in a fun, exciting way; an 811 Day Flash Mob!

Several people during and after the event stated, “I’ve never heard of 811” prior to our Flash Mob and now they know!

Joe and I began planning this event after Joe told me about a good idea he had for a parity on the Robin Thicke’s hit song (feat. and T.I. & Pharrell Williams) “Blurred Lines” you know, kind of a “Weird Al Yankovic” kind of thing. 

Many people will remember the pop hit song from the 2013 MTV Awards, performed live by Robin Thicke and Miley Cirus. While we don’t expect excavators to begin “Twerking” on the job, our hope is that anyone digging will begin eliminating blurred or nonexistent lines and insist on having “Bright Lines” on every excavation job site by calling 811 BEFORE you dig!  


AJWC Partnered With “In The Dig” Staff to organize the 811 Day Flash Mob


Let it be known Joe and I don’t have the slightest idea about how to organize and choreograph a Flash Mob so we Partnered with The Aurora Junior Woman’s Club

An organization chartered in 1956 that exists to provide both voluntary service and monetary donations to our local communities and schools.  They serve children, families and other charitable organizations, in an effort to make a difference in people’s lives.

 Working together we were able to serve two communities in need of help, The excavation community that needs more awareness around  the Free 811 Service and the Call Before You Dig message and provide a donation to the valuable mission and service of the AJWC. We encourage you to “Like” AJWC on Facebook and make a donation to this 503C charitable organization if possible.

Check out these photo’s of Family and Friends of AWJC members and our “In The Dig” staff practicing every move to perfection. See how we pulled together and worked hard practicing every technique of the dance and the song to provide not only entertaining but  a quality performance.

The Mob met outside the city and rode the train to Union Station to arrive at Millennium Park before the 6:00PM sharp Show Time!

The closer we got to the city, The more you could feel the 811 Day Flash Mob fever as the excitement kept building. We even busted a move in the train car surprising other passengers on the train and further spreading the 811 message!

I hope your 811 day campaign is just as successful and more than anything I’d Like to challenge you that regardless of the date whenever you plan to dig a whole Call 811 Before you Dig and then go the extra mile and call someone you love or care about and tell them about the Free 811 Service!

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  1. 3 of my sisters were there and had a wonderful time I wish I could have been there but had a injury that made it impossible. Great job everyone!!!

  2. Great job to my sisters Julie and Keri I didn’t see Sally but it was a great job I am proud of you.

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