Season 2, Session 1: Do You Really Believe You Can Go “HIT FREE” in 2015 (5 Steps That Lead To Zero) [Podcast]

Believe Mountain

In this episode, you will discover:


  • How to get crews to actually go HIT FREE
  • Welcome To The New Dig Season!
  • The improved 2015 show format and the added value we bring.
  • The New Maximize Excellence Segment.
  • A thought provoking, challenge question for you (Just keeping’ it real Mate!).
  • A road map down to zero damages
  • Learn how to build good habits with your crews

Finally, thank you for being a part of our family here In The Dig and for listening in. I hope your holidays were full of love, joy, and peace. Now let’s get started on a happy, healthy & safe New Year!

Join the Conversation

My favorite part of doing this podcast is providing a resource for you to share with people who might not otherwise, know about calling 811. Include your friends and family in the conversation by sharing the question and your answers with them. Each week I ask one question.

Question: Do you believe it is possible for you (or your company) to go hit free in 2015?

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Maximize Excellence

Explore Additional Resources

Habit list ICO

Habit List is a great app if you’re looking for something that does a little bit of everything and looks good while doing it. It utilizes the powerful “streaking” method so that you can stay motivated to reach that goal. Scheduling is flexible, allowing you to choose between specific days, non-specific days, and intervals. This app also includes reminders, graphs, font options, passcode locks, and more.

WayOfLife ICO

 Way of Life is the ultimate habit-building app. You get to try    the app out for free. For $3.99 you can unlock it to add an unlimited number of items (up from a limit of three). Simply add items to your “journal” and every day the app will ask you “yes” or “no.” Local notifications are used to remind you. Some items like “late night snacks” are bad habits and for those it is better to mark no. You can also set up personalized entries that you mark whether yes or no is good. By creating this journal you can really focus in on what you need to work on. The trend tab allows you to see a graph of how you are doing. The setup guide is very helpful in getting up and running. Way of Life is an essential app for anyone struggling getting on the right track.

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