Season 2, Session 2: Bob Kipp, President CGA

Bob Kipp’s Personal Interview Provides Insight Into Overcoming Opposition In Our Industry


Robert Kipp has served as President of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) since the organizations inception in 2001.  Since 2001, the CGA has grown to represent more than 1,600 national members and as many as 2,000 members within the 64 regional CGA organizations throughout the United States and Canada.  The CGA is now considered the leading organization aiming to reduce damage to the underground infrastructure.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • How Large The Underground Utility Network Really Is (Hint: It’s 10x what I Imagined)
  • How 17 Children Lost Their Fathers In An Excavation Damage.
  • Interesting Facts About The Common Ground Alliance
  • The Psychology Bob Kipp Uses To Build Consensus Between Involved  Stakeholders (Notice I Didn’t Say Compromise)
  • How To Replace Your Brain With A New One and Maximize Your Excellence.
  • Bob Kipp’s Personal Suggestion That Will Make You More Successful In The Field (Action Item).
  • Bob’s Take On Publicity For 811 Awareness

Finally, thank you for being a part of our family here In The Dig and for listening in. I hope your holidays were full of love, joy, and peace. Now let’s get started on a happy, healthy & safe New Year!

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Bob’s recommended reading for improved performance:

InSearchOfExcellence PowerBaseSelling


“The best decisions are made when people who disagree come to a consensus on what’s best!” Jeffrey K Holbrook host of Daggers Of The Mind – Podcast

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One thought on “Season 2, Session 2: Bob Kipp, President CGA

  1. Great podcast on a subject I had never thought of. I have family members who are affected by excavation activity in their jobs, and I applaud you for covering this and making people aware of the safety issues involved. Subscribed!

    Thanks so much for the quote on this episode! I appreciate it!

    Jeffrey K. Holbrook, Host
    Daggers Of The Mind

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