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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll tell everyone you know who has an excavation project about this website.  Our website is dedicated to inspiring people to dig safely whenever they excavate and ensure that your project does not interfere with any buried, underground utilities. Thousands of people have died needlessly, as a result of damaging buried utility lines during excavation.


My name is  Digby,  that’s right, Digby Marks and I am a fellow excavator (like you) and the host of the soon to be popular internet radio show “In The  Dig” with Digby Marks.


I hope you’ll visit here often for relevant, information about Excavation Safety and subscribe to my podcast in iTunes. On the show, you’ll hear personal excavation safety stories titans of our industry and excavators (like you and me, who’ve cheated fate after damaging a utility line) in compelling interviews on the air.


We interview people who represent every stakeholder group (Excavators, Locators, Utility Owners/Operators, Attorney’s, Regulators, One Call Professionals and even Victims of excavation accidents). We do this, so we can better understand why people make the decisions they make on the jobsite and how we can learn from their success or their mistakes.


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