Season 1, Session 3: “In The Dig” with Cliff Meidl


DigBy and Joe Welcome Cliff Meidl,
In The Dig“!

Cliff Meidl was a 19 year old college student working hard in the construction industry to earn his tuition. He hoped to start his own plumbing business someday.

That dream was derailed by 10 years of surgery, recovery and physical therapy after the horrible excavation accident that changed his life forever.

Season 1, Session 2: “In The Dig” with Mark Frost


Mark Frost is without a doubt a thought leader regarding utility damage prevention in our nation. As Executive Director of the Illinois One-Call Center (JULIE) he has de facto responsibility for the states damage prevention program.

Season 1, Session 1: Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

DigbyCvrArtOptinMonster_w-JoeG’Day Mate, My Name is DigBy Marks!

In The Dig is a show about Excavation Safety! Particularly, as it pertains to excavating safely around underground utilities.
I will work with our Damage Prevention Expert, Joe to share stories about working safely near buried utility lines and keep the energy on the inside of the line!